cercle polaire arctique

Su sonido era mágico. Pourquoi cette musique dans ce post? I enjoyed the wonderful pictures of the Arctic town. As classificações gerais deste aplicativo são a favor e contra com base nas experiências do usuário. I think it’s up to the radio stations. I am glad you did have interest in my country and in this case in our northernmost parts. Thank you for these links Matti. La température variait entre 15 ° C / 59 ° F et 26 ° C / 79 ° F. Jours pluvieux: un jour partiellement pluvieux. I played the accordion for several years. Thank you praising my post. En el camino condujimos 783km / 487mi directamente a nuestro destino. | Reply. Thank you – another rainy day here Matti … second in a row, so hopefully better tomorrow. It was a fully equipped two-storied round log house and its jetty was very cool to sit in it in the afternoon and evenings. Au-delà du cercle arctique, le Soleil reste au-dessus de l'horizon pendant au moins vingt-quatre heures consécutives au moins une fois dans l'année (soleil de minuit). I did not know Paul Anka was Canadian-American, so I learned something from your comment. A temperatura variou entre 15 ° C / 59 ° F e 26 ° C / 79 ° F. Os dias chuvosos: um dia parcialmente chuvoso. À cette époque, les Shadows étaient populaires et nous écoutions leurs “Cavaliers fantômes dans le ciel”. Dans la pratique, nous avons vu qu’ils mangent diverses plantes vertes et que leur délicatesse est antoinette, épilobe en épi, épilobe à feuilles étroites, laurier de Saint-Antoine ou épilobe. Não muito! Comment by Deb — October 13, 2020 @ 18:14 | Reply. Rhythm gets fingers to tap and melody makes me to hum and sometimes even to whistle. | Reply. Comment by seniorhiker — October 13, 2020 @ 16:39 I am glad that you loved my post. Mais elle tourne aussi sur elle-même autour d'un axe imaginaire, qui relie les deux pôles. Thank commenting. | Reply, I am glad that you left your kind comment. | Reply. Este verano Madrid era una ciudad “desnuda”, sin turistas, especialmente extranjeros. La video est aussi très agréable à écouter. It was a beautiful day at 71* or 22* .. just right for walking. This means that my brains are operating at these temperatures. Le cercle arctique marque la limite sud du jour polaire lors du solstice de juin et de la nuit polaire lors du solstice de décembre. Special discounts and promotions for accommodation for 2020 in Santa Claus Village and its surroundings.. Hello Matti-san, Cet axe fait un angle de 23°26'12" avec la perpendiculaire au plan orbital. Thanks for sharing. I knew that, but it was just so noticeable. Il est vraiment bien équipé pour une activité touristique . In practice we saw that they eat various green plants and their delicacy is fireweed or great willowherb known also rosebay. Also, JAL flies to Helsinki, but at this moment their flights seem to / might be to suspended. I don’t know what I would have expected when I thought “Arctic Circle” – something frosty or snowy perhaps even though it is Summertime/early Fall. We tried to visit Santa, but he was too busy with families which wanted a photo of him. Y gracias también por tu información y conjunto de fotografías de vuestra visita al Círculo Polar Ártico cuando ya el Covid-19 empezó a hacer daño a la población, al turismo y economía. Pas tellement! En mi opinión, es un guitarrista muy hábil. Not so much! | Reply, Thank you very much leaving your comment. La vie au nord du cercle polaire arctique. Comment by Sartenada — December 3, 2020 @ 07:45 L'axe reste parallèle à lui-même. The Arctic Circle is a place I admire. Cette inclinaison constante explique les saisons et les variations de la durée du jour et de la nuit… Sentimiento general: vacaciones exitosas. I saw that Matti and clicked it and didn’t go anywhere – I guess it is me, so will click it now and write separately. | Reply. I do think one has to go there once in their lifetime. Its melody captured our minds! I use the old version, the classic. This beautiful music I heard when I was in school in 60s. Because these stations exist, we are not alone with our taste. Comment by Sartenada — October 13, 2020 @ 11:09 Mi rinconcito musical o mejor dicho la musica de mis recuerdos. Oui, nous avons Noël tous les jours ici, mais pas maintenant à cause de Covid-19. Cette année cependant, ici comme partout, les commerces souffrent avec le Covid. mais c’est toujours un plaisir de parcourir ces lieux avec toi et ton épouse From Rovaniemi to the Arctic circle by bus / taxi. Refutation of that reindeers eat only reindeer lichen. Sa mélodie a captivé nos esprits! Find more French words at wordhippo.com! Music can be slow or fast, but it must have distinct rhythm and melody. Thank you. | Reply. Comment by Sartenada — October 19, 2020 @ 06:38 Essa linda música que ouvi quando estava na escola nos anos 60. We have a dance type called Humppa, when comparing the names with oom-pah-pah, we can guess that they must have something joint. El silencio era palpable. I enjoyed all the details. Que s’est-il passé là-bas lorsque Covid-19 a fait rage dans le monde? Teníamos una hora libre antes de la siguiente clase una vez a la semana. It is worth for a visit. I wish that you could visit there someday! I am very happy when I you wrote your comment. | Reply, Comment by 洋子 — October 13, 2020 @ 18:42 We spent it with a few of my schoolmates at a nearby bar equipped with a Jukebox. ¡En nuestro corazón esperamos que algún día esto termine! | Reply. It’s difficult to get to the Arctic Circle from Japan, but it made me feel like I was in your picture. A refutação de que as renas comem apenas líquen. Rovaniemi en Finlande est située principalement au sud du cercle Arctique et possède un peu moins de 62 000 habitants. When I was on the Scandinavian trip, we visited the Skansen Open-Air Museum in Stockholm as part of our tour and spent an evening there and one of the attractions was folk dancing to native music. Comment by Sartenada — October 19, 2020 @ 06:36. Those hats are made to resist the cold up to -40°C / -40°F! In 2019, there were 4461 reindeer smashes although due to modern technique to warn about collisions of reindeers. Download Titre : minist ÉdUCö on nation cercle polaire arctique ... book pdf free download link or read online here in PDF. The world of music is generally speaking interesting, it is like literature– the offer is huge, why we love this kind of literary / music, why we do not love other kind. | Reply. Un gran abrazo. Thank you Matti – you know, I have listened to that song in the past, don’t know where, perhaps a movie with a western theme? Flights are operated several times a week. Nous avons rêvé de voyager cet été en Italie l’hiver dernier, mais le coronavirus est arrivé et les rêves ont été abandonnés. Bueno, decidí sacar principalmente carteles. I understand that taste of music changes, but I do not understand modern music as I said, because it is missing two important elements. Beaucoup d’entre eux sont de la musique instrumentale pour aider les personnes qui ne peuvent pas comprendre les paroles de la chanson. You are right. We have many deer/vehicle crashes in the Fall, especially in one county not near me, but very rural, but even the area near Lake Erie Metropark is out in the open, very rural and soon it will be mating season and the deer chase one another with no regard for the passing cars so you have to be on the alert. Era uma casa de madeira redonda de dois andares, totalmente equipada, e o seu cais era muito legal para ficar sentado à tarde e à noite. Me siento muy triste. | Reply. | Reply. I have not forgotten about the other links you send me – they are in the post about Finland in my comments. Amazing . Sorry, you didn’t get to talk to Santa. Fue una casa de troncos redonda de dos pisos totalmente equipada y su embarcadero fue muy agradable para sentarse en la tarde y la noche. Thank you. Thank you for your kind words. Le Cercle Polaire Arctique et sa nature créent le mysticisme unique nordique de notre région en Laponie. Cela réjouit le coeur. Summa summarum, we are individuals. Comment by Stella — October 13, 2020 @ 10:58 Aucun bruit de bateaux à moteur ou de motomarines du lac n’a dérangé pas la paix! Comment by Linda Schaub — October 15, 2020 @ 02:27 Il date de 2001 et est édité par le CAFF pour la conservation de la faune et de la flore de l'Arctique. Anyway, it is nice that you visited it virtually thru my pics. Information and translations of cercle polaire arctique in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Definition of cercle polaire arctique in the Definitions.net dictionary. Cancel. O seu som era mágico. Comment by Sartenada — October 13, 2020 @ 09:31 Cercle arctique translated from French to English including synonyms, definitions, and related words. Accueil Le Cercle Polaire Comité d'experts Le Cercle Polaire-Français Documentation News & viewsLes phoques arctiques menacés par le réchauffement. Durou 10 noites / 11 dias. I find myself listening to songs that we here in the States call “oldies” and that may be from the 1950s through the 1970s … those songs I remember from hearing them so much and I know them by heart. | Reply. What happened there when Covid-19 raged around the world? ( Log Out /  Photos taken about 800. A duração da nossa viagem foi de 2413 km / 1499mi. I am glad that you commented this post. When Covid-19 is over, then you can fly with Finnair to Helsinki and from Helsinki to Rovaniemi. C'est l'occasion de découvrir la Laponie en hiver, l'île de Senja, l'exotisme des fjords, d'une balade en chien de traineau ou encore du coucher de soleil à 14h30 ! Hello! Merci mon ami. Sur le chemin, nous avons conduit 783 km / 487 mi directement jusqu’à notre destination. I looked at the costumes here – I like to see native costumes and when we had the ethnic festivals they did dance in native costumes. Have good weekend! | Reply. Cette ombre prend forme à léquinoxe dautomne (le 22 ou 23 septembre) et atteint son paroxysme au milieu de lhiver. La temperatura varió entre 15 ° C / 59 ° F a 26 ° C / 79 ° F. Días lluviosos: un día parcialmente lluvioso. Many of them are instrumental music due to help people who cannot understand lyrics of the song. | Reply. La position du cercle arctique est déterminée par l'inclinaison de l'axe de rotation de la Terre par rapport à l'écliptique. Il est vrai qu’on est toujours heureux dans l’ ambiance de Noël . Comment by tanjabrittonwriter — October 17, 2020 @ 23:47 The Web's largest and most comprehensive scripts resource. Marie-Laure et Antoine passent au dessus du cercle polaire arctique, pour un formidable voyage qui les conduira de Bodø jusqu'à Tromsø. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Matti, Comment by Sartenada — October 18, 2020 @ 08:06, It does sound like an oom-pah-pah band. Hemos visitado el Círculo Polar Ártico muchas veces, en verano, otoño e invierno. Eh bien, pas si étrange, parce que j’y suis habitué!!! Michel, Comment by fauquetmichel — October 20, 2020 @ 23:14 This what I have been taught. Thank you. Comecei este canto para apresentar belas músicas ao redor do mundo. | Reply. | Reply. Ghost Riders in the Sky y “The Shadows” es una música como muy bien dices que acompañó nuestra juventud. One day hopefully I’ll get there. You were the third who loved it in this post. WorldCat Home About WorldCat Help. It is quite rare, but worth for buying it at Helsinki airport. À cause de la nutation, l'inclinaison oscille de − 1,702″ (environ 53 m à la surface) sur une période de 18,6 ans. Comment by Sartenada — October 17, 2020 @ 12:02 Find all about cercle polaire arctique on Scripts.com! Thank you for sharing this with us. Thank you. I unfortunately could not find music corner, but it is the end of the day and my eyes are tired and perhaps I missed it – I went through a couple of times after reading the post. In my country we have yet some dance pavilions and they offer the partner dance which is naturally popular. It is still on my list….. only 2260 km from London. Quinze ans sous le cercle polaire. Tu as raison. 北極圏! Sensação geral: férias de sucesso. Comment by Stella — October 14, 2020 @ 09:29 ¿Por qué esta música en esta publicación? Comment by Sartenada — October 14, 2020 @ 08:00 But every summer we have these: BTW, Paul Anka, who was Canadian-American singer, visited Helsinki in August 1959. O inverno é a melhor estação. I wanted to show, that there has been good music before modern times, but it has been forgotten. I have heard “Puppy Love” and “Diana” but don’t remember hearing that song before – I like it! I have been trying to get to sleep earlier and tonight likely won’t make it to Reader at all, since I did a post today … have a good day tomorrow Matti. Comment by Peter Klopp — October 13, 2020 @ 15:47 Na viagem de ida, dirigimos 783 km / 487mi direto para o nosso destino. Translation for 'cercle polaire arctique' in the free French-English dictionary and many other English translations. Nothénidae et sont réparties sur le cercle polaire dans les eaux de l'Antarctique et de l'océan Austral. Actuellement, l'inclinaison diminue d'à peu près 0,468″ par an et le cercle arctique se déplace vers le nord de 14,45 m par an. Quand on trouve combien de fois nous y sommes allés, il doit y avoir quelque chose de magique – vraiment. Le silence était palpable. El invierno es la mejor época. Thank you. En aquellos días, “The Shadows” era popular y solíamos escuchar a sus” Jinetes fantasmas en el cielo”. Nous avons visité le cercle polaire arctique de nombreuses fois, en été, automne et hiver.L’hiver est la meilleure saison. | Reply. , Comment by Rebecca — October 14, 2020 @ 04:40 During the years the technique has developed, meaning that music videos nowadays are excellent. Thank you. Love that you continue to chase reindeer throughout your travels, and I can’t wait to see more of what you get up to in Finland and beyond. Tínhamos uma hora de folga antes da próxima aula, uma vez por semana. Muitos deles são música instrumental para ajudar pessoas que não conseguem entender a letra da música. O meu canto de música, ou melhor, música da minha “Via da memória”. Les estimation globale de cette application sont pour et contre basées sur les expériences de l’utilisateurs. Here is an example played on an accordion: Thank you again. In my country we have few radio stations which play the music which we love. | Reply, I hope so too Matti. Thank you. | Reply. Comment by Sartenada — October 16, 2020 @ 06:55 Yes, indeed. Visitamos o Círculo Polar Ártico muitas vezes, no verão, outono e inverno. We had one hour off before the next class once a week. ¿Qué sucedió allí cuando Covid-19 hizo estragos en todo el mundo? Comment by Sartenada — October 15, 2020 @ 06:43 We've got 0 rhyming words for cercle polaire arctique » What rhymes with cercle polaire arctique? The last paragraph in your comment is just the way I think and feel. Thank you for your kind words. | Reply. Wao! Comment by Sartenada — October 13, 2020 @ 11:00 A explicação por isso é que a área pertence à área de pastagem de renas do nordeste, que é maior que a área do noroeste. These “rules” are valid for films and series. Vorkouta en Russie possède 60 000 habitants. Happy Sunday! Normally it is used with pancakes. These two words are key words and basic elements me when listening music. Thank you. ( Log Out /  Duró 10 noches / 11 días. This page is about the various possible words that rhymes or sounds like cercle polaire arctique.Use it for writing poetry, composing lyrics for your song or coming up with rap verses. I can see into your photos. La refutación de que los renos comen solo líquenes de reno. Que photographier? J’ai eu la possibilité de savoir à quel point la musique français est belle dans votre pays! Muchos de ellos son música instrumental, pero no todas, para ayudar a las personas que no pueden entender la letra de las canciónes. I know people claim things like that are only for kids, but I disagree. Fue triste ver que vacío lo estaba, visitantes faltantes. Thank you for sharing, and our best wishes to you and your wife. | Reply. Comment by Sartenada — October 20, 2020 @ 06:46 Now, I want to taste cloudberries! Comment by Sartenada — October 13, 2020 @ 08:21 I can only guess. Such a neat little post. Hello (^^) Comment by Lookoom — October 13, 2020 @ 07:14 There were visitors, but few coming abroad. Welcome someday! Translations in context of "cercle polaire Antarctique" in French-English from Reverso Context: En 1773, James Cook est le 1er navigateur à franchir le cercle polaire antarctique (66º33'39 »S). Hi Matti – We are in agreement – I do not understand the music today … it is rap music, or just spoken words and it appears that there is no talent involved. Comment by the eternal traveller — October 19, 2020 @ 03:13 Au-delà du cercle arctique, le Soleil reste au-dessus de l'horizon pendant au moins vingt-quatre heures consécutives au moins une fois dans l'année (soleil de minuit). What a special place this is! Hi Matti – I have never heard this song by Paul Anka. Same here – cold, wet, windy and raining. | Reply. | Reply. Bienvenue un jour pour en faire l’expérience.Merci pour ce joli compliment. I am glad that you checked my music corner. Contras de Porokello (opinión personal): Da una falsa sensación de seguridad. Com o passar dos anos a técnica foi se desenvolvendo, fazendo com que os videoclipes hoje em dia sejam excelentes. Thank you for your kind comment. Soyez sûr que je présenterai de la musique française. ¿Habían muchos mosquitos? I had a Polish friend and he used to dance in various Polish festivals in native dress. Vessel position, logs and particulars for Pusher/Tug CERCLE POLAIRE at FleetMon.com, the global ship database. À cette période de lannée, la rondeur de la Terre crée une zone dombre permanente autour du pôle Nord. This is a picture of me playing the accordion … I think it was taken the same day as the photo taken with Skippy the parakeet, in Friday’s post: Many years ago, along the Detroit River they had various ethnic festivals … that is what they called them collectively “The Ethnic Festivals” and they took place from May through early September. Rainy days: one day partly rain. De nombreuses voitures venant en sens inverse ont clignoté leurs phares mettent en garde contre les rennes – cela a très bien fonctionné! Comment by Erika — October 13, 2020 @ 19:24 | Reply. Pasamos una semana en una cabaña de verano alquilada junto al lago Polojärvi en el norte. Comment by Geri Lawhon — December 2, 2020 @ 17:35 It’s usable but it lacks the features I use most. On what basis they define music is a mystery to me. | Reply. Gracias, MAtti por este rincón musical. Yes, it is far away indeed. Reindeer are only in winter there. C’est une musique traditionnelle, belle, instrumentale et écoutable. Solo caminamos y hacemos algunas compras. Looking for the scripts matching cercle polaire arctique? Could easily be in America, too, e.g. Welcome to meet Santa and in winter to have a reindeer ride. Las calificaciones generales de esta aplicación están a favor y en contra de las experiencias del usuario. C’était triste de voir à quel point c’était vide, des visiteurs manquants. | Reply. We thoroughly enjoyed Moomin World when we visited and I’ll bet we’d have enjoyed the Arctic Circle too. My music corner or better said music from my Memory Lane. Por que essa música neste post? No mucho! Comment by T Ibara Photo — October 14, 2020 @ 15:38 Nous avons passé une semaine dans un chalet d’été loué au bord du lac Polojärvi dans le nord. Comment by Linda Schaub — October 17, 2020 @ 01:35 | Reply. It was amazing because it was claimed in the south! Sé que el título no es el mejor, pero quería señalar que durante este viaje por carretera al norte de Finlandia, ¡nos encontramos con renos en todas partes! Comment by hjonasson — October 13, 2020 @ 08:18 This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. O que fotografar? Tara franchira cette nuit le cercle polaire arctique et ses 66º33' … Yes, indeed. | Reply, Comment by imagesbytdashfield — October 21, 2020 @ 13:27 Now they roam free in the nature. May I ask you what editor you are using – old on or new one? C’était dans les années 70, quand j’ai emprunté des disques à l’Institut français de Finlande à Helsinki. Quel plaisir de lire que vous aimez nos aventures!!! Es triste que en todas partes los lugares estén cerrados o casi. https://lindaschaubblog.net/2013/10/05/oktoberfest-not-your-wurst-nightmare/, Comment by Linda Schaub — October 19, 2020 @ 02:44. Autoplay is paused. Comment by Sartenada — October 18, 2020 @ 07:06 Beautiful photos from Santa’s territory, Satenada! Isto é o que me ensinaram. Because I know some languages, I have listed to many radio stations from South and Central America. 3 janv. Después de algunas publicaciones, presentaré una canción española cantada en español – Jeanette – Porque Te Vas. I think cloudberry pie would be heavenly! Passamos com alguns de meus colegas de escola em um bar próximo equipado com uma Jukebox. https://lindaschaubblog.net/2013/10/05/oktoberfest-not-your-wurst-nightmare/, 1000 small clay art pieces made by citizens, Christmas tradition in Finland -How to make Himmeli, Finland's southernmost place to admire midnight sun, First climb to the top of the Arctic hill, Helicopter trims branches from power lines, Historic maritime fortress of Suomenlinna, How to make shopping bag from empty coffee bags, Imperial Lodge of Czar Alexander II and Struve Geodetic Arc, Incredible Statue park (in the whole world), Japanese TV-star competitor stand on a log descending the river, Learn how to make shopping bags from empty coffee bags, Museum – Aviation Museum of Central Finland, Nuorgam, the northernmost village of Finland and the European Union, Old wooden church entirely painted with drawings, Only in Finland-Rafting competition standing on log in river, Swans – Stopover of migration to the north, Swans – Stopover of migration to the south, Traditions – Christmas decoration Himmeli, UNESCO World Heritage – Petäjävesi Old Church, UNESCO World Heritage -Struve Geodetic Arc, UNESCO World Heritage – Fortress of Suomenlinna, Village artist’s home and his gorgeous wooden art, Walking, biking and skiing on frozen lake, Wonderful Kaitatalampi Lake – near Helsinki, Egypt – Temple of Hatshepsut & Colossi of Memnon, Père Lachaise Cemetery / Cementerio del Père Lachaise / Cimetière du Père-Lachaise / Cemitério do Père-Lachaise, Mainau – flower island / Mainau – isla de flores / Mainau – île aux fleurs / Mainau- ilha das flores, Hundreds of turf heads / Cientos de cabezas de turba / Centaines de têtes de tourbe / Cientos de cabezas de turba, Arctic Circle and Covid-19 / Círculo Polar Ártico y Covid-19 / Cercle polaire arctique et Covid-19 / Círculo Polar Ártico e Covid-19, Hiking day2 / Día de Senderismo2 / Journée de randonnée2 / Dia de Caminhada2, Hiking day1 / Día de Senderismo1 / Journée de randonnée1 / Dia de Caminhada1, Reindeer3 block the road / Renos3 bloquean la carretera/ Rennes3 bloquent la route/ Renas3 bloqueiam a estrada, Reindeer2 are curious / Renos2 son curiosos / Rennes2 sont curieux / Renas2 são curiosas, Reindeer1 are cute / Renos1 son lindos / Rennes1 sont mignons / Renas1 são fofas, Whirlwind visit to Berlin / Visita relámpago a Berlín / Visite éclair à Berlin / Visita relâmpago a Berlim, Flowers and birds / Flores y pájaros / Fleurs et d’oiseaux / Flores e pássaros, Botanical garden / Jardín Botánico / Jardin botanique / Jardim Botânico, A rolling stone gathers no moss / Una piedra que rueda no acumula musgo / Pierre qui roule n’amasse pas mousse / Uma pedra que rola não junta musgo, Church of Saarijärvi / Iglesia de Saarijärvi / Église à Saarijärvi / Igreja em Saarijärvi, Windmill and Old Tableware / Molino de viento y Vajilla Antigua / Moulin à vent et Vaiseille Vieille / Moinho de vento e louça de mesa antiga, Winter Garden / Jardín de invierno / Jardin d’hiver / Jardim de Inverno, Walking tour in Helsinki1 / Paseo en Helsinki1 / Balade à Helsinki1 / Caminhada em Helsinque1, On the border / En el borde / À la frontière / Na fronteira, Nile cruise8 / Crucero por el Nilo8 / Croisière sur le Nil8 / Cruzeiro no Nilo8, Nile cruise7 / Crucero por el Nilo7 / Croisière sur le Nil7 / Cruzeiro no Nilo7, Nile cruise6 / Crucero por el Nilo6 / Croisière sur le Nil6 / Cruzeiro no Nilo6, Nile cruise5 / Crucero por el Nilo5 / Croisière sur le Nil5 / Cruzeiro no Nilo5, Nile cruise4 / Crucero por el Nilo4 / Croisière sur le Nil4 / Cruzeiro no Nilo4, Nile cruise3 / Crucero por el Nilo3 / Croisière sur le Nil3 / Cruzeiro no Nilo3, Nile cruise2 / Crucero por el Nilo2 / Croisière sur le Nil2 / Cruzeiro no Nilo2, Nile cruise1 / Crucero por el Nilo1 / Croisière sur le Nil1 / Cruzeiro no Nilo1, Sand sculptures 2019 / Esculturas de arena 2019 / Sculptures de sable 2019 / Esculturas de areia 2019, Summer city / Ciudad de verano / Ville d’été / Cidade de verão, Farewell Unknown Helsinki / Adiós Helsinki desconocida / Adieu Helsinki Inconnue / Adeus Desconhecido Helsinque / Helsinki desconhecida, Raksila – residential district of wooden houses / Raksila – barrio de casas de madera / Raksila – quartier résidentiel des maisons en bois / Raksila – distrito de casas de madeira, Church of St. Nicholas / Iglesia de San Nicolás / Église Saint-Nicolas / Igreja de São Nicolau, Paateri – hidden gem in Finland / Paateri – joya escondida en Finlandia / Paateri – joyau caché en Finlande / Paateri – joia escondida na Finlândia, Carved animals / Animales tallados / Animaux taillés / Animais talhados, Lesser-known Helsinki / Menos conocida Helsinki / Moins connue Helsinki / Menos conhecida Helsínquia, Flower garden / Jardín de flores / Jardin de fleurs / Jardim de flores, Search for ghost houses / Búsqueda de casas fantasmas / Recherche de maisons fantômes / Busca de casas fantasmas, Unknown Helsinki3 / Helsinki desconocida3 / Helsinki Inconnu3 / Helsinki desconhecida3, Moomin ice sculptures / Esculturas de hielo de Mumin / Sculptures de glace de Moomine / Esculturas de gelo de Mumin, Unknown Helsinki2 / Helsinki desconocida2 / Helsinki Inconnu2 / Helsinki desconhecida2, Unknown Helsinki1 / Helsinki desconocida1 / Helsinki Inconnu1 / Helsinki desconhecida1, Made on courses / Hechos en cursos / Faites sur les cours / Fatos em cursos, Terracotta army / Guerreros de terracota / Armée de terre cuite / Exército de terracota, Reindeer rides and Santa / Paseos en rennes et Père Noël / Promenades en rennes y Papa Noel / Passeios de Rennes e Papai Noel, Reindeer race / Carrera de renos / Course de rennes / Competição de renas, Winter fun for children / Diversión de invierno para niños / Plaisirs d’hiver pour les enfants / Divertimento do inverno para crianças, Winter walk / Paseo de invierno / Balade hivernale / Caminhada de inverno, Winter cycling 2018 / Ciclismo en invierno 2018 / Cyclisme en hiver 2018 / Ciclismo de inverno 2018, Holiday in Italy – Pomeii / Vacaciones en Italia – Pompeya / Vacances en Italie – Pompéi / Férias na Itália – Pompéia, Church scale models from matches / Maquetas de Iglesias de fósforos / Èglises maquettes d'allumettes, Wooden church of Pyhämaa / Iglesia de madera de Pyhämaa / Église en bois de Pyhämaa, Beyond the Arctic Circle3 / Más allá del Círculo Polar Ártico3 / Au-delà du Cercle arctique3, Comparing bell towers IV / Comparando campanarios IV / Comparant Clochers IV, Open-air museum in Lieksa / Museo al aire libre en Lieksa / Musée en plein air á Lieksa, Lake Vanajavesi in winter / Lago Vanajavesi en invierno / Lac Vanajavesi en hiver, From Terijoki to Vyborg / De Terijoki a Vyborg / De Terijoki à Vyborg, Beyond the Arctic Circle 9 / Más allá del Círculo Polar Ártico 9 / Au-delà du Cercle arctique 9, Helsinki covered by snow / Helsinki cubierto de nieve / Helsinki sous la neige.

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